The North Bay has just experienced the worst disaster in its history. Lives, homes, businesses and jobs have been lost.  Fortunately, we are a supportive, giving community and funds are pouring in to help fire victims get through the next several months. The real challenge will come when the TV cameras leave and we are left with a massive cleanup, rebuild and repopulation challenge. Let’s start planning now.

Through an account at our local Sonoma Exchange Bank, Rebuild NorthBay is collecting donations to ensure our rebuilding efforts are successfully carried into the future. 

make a difference

Rebuild North Bay is being led by an integrative team of community and business leaders focused on understanding what went right and what went wrong, while developing a comprehensive plan for recovery and rebuilding.
We invite you to join this critical effort.

donate today to fund our future

Your donation will help ensure the rebuilding efforts are planned for the long term and will continue until our goals are accomplished. Exchange Bank is covering all administrative costs, so 100% of your donations will go directly to assist the recovery efforts. 


Make checks payable to Rebuild North Bay and mail to:
Rebuild North Bay
144 West Napa Street, Sonoma, CA 95476
A receipt will be mailed back to you with our Tax ID Number
for your records and tax write-off purposes.

Tax ID: 82-3266893