after the fire

The real challenge will come when the TV cameras leave and we are left with a massive cleanup, rebuild and repopulation challenge. Let’s start planning now.

The Rebuild Northbay Foundation is being led by an integrative team of community and business leaders focused on understanding what went right and what went wrong, while developing a comprehensive plan for recovery and rebuilding. Our goal is to ignite change in all areas that contribute to this goal: legislation on the federal, state, and local level; preemptive and restorative environmental reform; appropriate funding of strategies and execution; operative and efficient centers for disaster resource distribution.

Leading these efforts are key business and elected leaders who are committed to a multiyear process of recovery and rebuilding.  We envision as a first step to retain a disaster preparedness and recovery consulting/auditing firm with extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of emergency preparation, response time, recovery and mitigation management. This firm will assess all aspects this disaster: What happened, how we responded, communication, resource deployment and resource management.  An independent review of this nature will ensure effective and appropriate processes that will improve future disaster preparedness and responses that will benefit all residents and businesses in the North Bay region.

Rebuild Northbay Foundation, along with its partners thank the first responders, volunteers, community leaders, residents and friends who have risked their lives to protect our community from one of the worst fire storms ever in our region. Joining together strategic community leaders to collectively work in unison will produce outcomes that benefit and protect our residents and businesses far into the future allowing this region to rebuild, prosper and hold true to the quality of life we all have been so fortunate to enjoy over the past years. Together we are stronger, together we will rebuild.